About Us

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Alternative Services, Inc. (ASI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978. ASI was directly involved in helping the State of Michigan throughout the 1980’s in the transition from large state institutions to community-based services, known as de-institutionalization. During this time, ASI helped create some of the first specialized, barrier-free, group homes, several of which are still operated by ASI today. We now serve 300 consumers located throughout the state¬†at approximately 75 sites.

Since that time, the state and the nation have continued to make progress in designing even more integrated options for people living with disabilities, giving people as much control as possible of their lives. ASI is proud to be an organization that is progressive in our approach to true person-centered services. We provide various levels of support to people in a variety of settings.

Regardless of the type of service offered or the location of the service, ASI’s Mission is always¬†To support people to experience meaningful lives.

ASI’s Core Values